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Try a Speciality Fitness Gym

Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Oh My!

Giving a speciality fitness gym a try

There are so many different ways to get fit and places to do it! Specialized fitness studios that host specific classes like yoga, pilates, and barre seem to be popping up everywhere. If you’re curious what going to one of these facilities might be like or are wanting to switch up your fitness routine, here’s your guide to speciality fitness studios and what to expect.


Even among yoga studios, there are a wide variety of options to choose from. Hot yoga, vinyasa flow, prenatal, hatha, and not to mention beginner to advanced level classes in each. Many studios will offer several of these styles and others focus on just one. Hot yoga can be an intense workout that is not for the faint of heart. If you’re looking for a challenge, these classes often heat the room to at least 85 degrees and use free weights to up the intensity. Vinyasa yoga is what many would consider a more traditional form of yoga where the goal is to smoothly flow between positions using your breath to guide your movements. This form is also challenging but in a much different way. Try choosing a studio that offers the kind of yoga you’re the most interested in at a time you can attend. Many studios offer a free first class or inexpensive introductory packages to allow you to try some of their different offerings.


Pilates workouts are designed around strengthening the entire body from the core out. Pilates is similar to yoga in that you will need concentration, balance, and breathing technique to perform Pilates well. The entire concept behind Pilates is to mentally focus on the muscles being worked and positioning the body optimally for the most beneficial strengthening, fat burning, and toning to take place. Some studios offer equipment to be used during a Pilates routine, but the majority of Pilates is done with only a mat and your body. Many celebrities swear by their Pilates regimen so you may be interested in seeing if it fits in with your idea of fitness. If you’re wanting a strong focus on core and enjoy the benefits of improved posture, more flexibility, and mental focus, Pilates just might be the right fit for you.


A fusion of yoga and pilates with a strong emphasis on ballet-style moves, Barre is one of the newest speciality studio fitness regimens to become popular on the fitness scene. The Barre workouts concentrate on small movements and/or position holds and high rep counts to burn targeted muscle groups. Barre technique is geared toward sculpting the female body but men are encouraged to participate too. Typically you will use small free weights, bands, and of course, the ballet bar itself to complete a full Barre routine. Barre workouts offer less variety than yoga but most people find themselves quite attached to a specific class or instructor anyway. If a ballerina body is the goal, Barre studios might just be the perfect choice.


When choosing between these speciality fitness studios, you can’t go wrong. Find one that offers that one class you can’t live without or a wide variety if you are one to get bored easily. A trim, toned, more flexible body is the goal of each of these styles of exercise with slightly varying methods of getting there. Give one or all of them a try to see which is the best fit for you and your fitness journey.

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