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How To Burn More Calories Without Working Out

If you’re looking for some tricks to stay at a caloric deficit but don’t have a particular interest in working out today, here are some handy ways to make your body work a little harder and burn a little extra energy without heading to the gym.

Drink Ice Water

Believe it or not, drinking icy cold water helps you burn calories. Heat transfer of any kind requires energy to be burned. In this case, your body heating up the water to match its temperature burns caloric energy. Don’t expect this method to burn hundreds of calories and replace a workout, however; studies have shown that people who drink more water tend to weigh less. You’ll likely crave sodas or other beverages much less, feel more energetic, and even have improved skin complexion.

Take Extra Steps

A simple habit to create in everyday life is adding to your step count. There are so many easy methods to increase your calorie burn by just moving more throughout your everyday activities. If you work a desk job, try getting up at least every 2 hours for a quick jaunt around the office. Additionally, try parking further away from your destination, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or choosing a lunch spot that’s walking distance from you. All of these simple habits can easily add up to hundreds of additional steps taken in a given day resulting in lots of extra calories burned.

Stand Up

Sitting for long periods of time is simply not conducive to a healthy life. Extended periods of a sedentary lifestyle can lead to chronic illness, added weight gain, and weak muscles resulting in imbalances and pain. Simply standing for more of your day can burn hundreds more calories than if you were seated. If you typically sit at a desk, see if your company will invest in a standing desk. If not, try standing every time you are on the phone or standing during lunch. Not only will you be burning more calories, you will also be improving your posture, strengthening your leg muscles, and reducing your risk of aches and pains.

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