3 Simple Techniques for Meditation Newbies

There’s no doubt that you know at least a few people who love meditation. If you’ve been wanting to try it but don’t know exactly where to start you don’t have to wonder any longer. Use this post to learn three simple meditation techniques for beginners. Follow these for even just a minute a day and you’ll start on your journey to daily meditation.

Start With 1 Minute of Meditation

If I asked you to be aware of your breath for a single minute, you probably would have no problem doing it. Hearing about people meditating for hours gives anyone who has never done meditation the wrong impression. If you wanted to get into jogging you wouldn’t start your first day with 5 miles would you? It’s no different with meditation.

This is a nice little technique to get you to begin: resolve to sit down at the same time every day for 60 seconds. After a few days, you may find yourself wanting to sit for longer. At that point, you can increase the time you sit.

Listen To A Song And Meditate

This technique is one Tim Ferris has talked about. Choose a song and sit down with your back against a wall. For the duration of the song, just listen to the music. Feel the sensation of the sounds entering your ears.

This is great for those who find focusing on the breath too boring of an activity. Listening to the sounds of a chosen song allows you to get familiar with sitting down and just doing one thing. After a while you can try sitting and focusing only on your breath.

Meditate While Walking

This one is great because you can do it anywhere. Let’s say you’re walking from your car to the front door of your house. Or you are walking through the grocery store. Walking is a great moment to notice your body as it moves.

During walking meditation, the most significant activity that’s happening is at your feet. That makes it a great place to bring your attention. Notice how you lift your foot. Feel how the foot that’s moving is travelling in the air. As it comes down heel first, feel it as it presses down on the ground.

Walking meditation doesn’t have to happen slowly. You can be mindful of your walking as you rush to the office. There isn’t a moment in life that isn’t appropriate for awareness.

When it comes down to it, meditation is a practice of awareness. So as long as you are aware of what you’re doing, it is meditation. Sitting down and watching your breath just so happens to be the easiest. This is because it’s normally in a quiet environment, and your breath is always accessible. So whatever technique you choose to begin with, the key is being aware of what’s happening.


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