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Why You Should Run With Your Dog

Physical and Mental Fitness

An obvious benefit to running with your dog is the cardiovascular fitness you both gain. All dogs (and humans!) require some amount of physical exercise to stay healthy. Both you and your dog will see benefits like weight management, strengthened heart and lungs, and reduced anxiety.

Running has been shown to reduce stress in both humans and dogs. If your dog is frequently destructive or anxious while you’re away, there’s a good chance they aren’t burning enough energy and are missing spending time with you. You can help both situations by simply leashing up your best friend and going for a jog. You’ll both feel better for it!

Accountability Partner

You’re much less likely to ditch out on your workout if you have a friend waiting to do it with you. If the friend waiting expectantly to exercise with you is your wet-nosed, furry best friend, there’s no chance you’ll say no! Running with your dog gives you both a bonding experience and helps keep you both looking forward to regular exercise.

The more frequently you run with your dog, the more your dog will anticipate running with you. What more motivation to get off the couch could you possibly need?

Push Your Workout

Dogs can be great personal trainers. If you have a high-energy breed they will definitely be wanting to run faster and longer than you might do on your own. Try letting your dog choose the path, distance, or speed and see how much more of a workout your buddy gets you. Who knows? If they see a squirrel, you might just find yourself unexpectedly sprinting!

Do It For Charity

Use an app like WoofTrax to walk/run your dog for charity! Every time you leash up and go out, turn on your app and it will track you with GPS. Donors fund your exercise with your dog, and you can even choose a local shelter for the funds to go to!

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