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Myth: I’m Going to Change My Fat into Muscle

Many people make the decision to turn around their lifestyle around at this time of year. It is quite common for someone to make the New Year’s resolution that they are going to become more fit from this point forward. They even go so far as buying a yearly gym membership as a way to prove how serious they are in their quest to become more healthy.

However, as a trainer, I have heard this statement countless times when people enter the gym.

“I am going to change my fat into muscle!”

If I am not their trainer, I keep my mouth shut. Unless they ask for my advice, I don’t want to come off as a know-it-all.

I used to hate Brainy Smurf.

If they are one of my clients, I set them straight quickly. There is no way to turn your fat into muscle.

This isn’t a fairytale world where a small, weird guy offers to change straw into gold. Changing fat into muscle would be like trying to create meat from chocolate chip cookies. It can’t be done. Fat and muscle are actually two different types of body tissue. The body tissue is created from two different cells as well. Fat is composed of adipose tissue. Muscle is made up of proteins. No matter how strenuous your workout is, it will not convert the fat into muscle.

However, do not give up hope on your new lifestyle! Those fat calories can be burned through cardio. A good workout routine would also include strength training with weights. So you can be burning fat and creating lean muscle mass at the same time. And the great news is that muscle burns calories even while you are resting. You can be burning fat while sleeping if you have enough muscle mass!

The question you should be asking right now is how do I get this magical fat-burning muscle?

Strength training and consuming one hundred to two hundred grams of protein a day will leave you with good muscle mass if you stick to the program. Don’t expect for it to work if you are only doing this routine once a week, however!

Increasing your physical activity is just one step to becoming healthy; your diet has to change as well. Health and fitness is 75 percent diet and 25 percent exercise. You can’t eat fatty foods and expect to have it show up as muscle on your body.

Eat well, exercise and love the results.

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