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Lose Weight with a High Protein Breakfast

I love science, especially when it lets me eat steak for breakfast. That’s right, thanks to researchers at the University of Missouri, we can all bask in the knowledge that eating a high-protein breakfast will scientifically make you super-skinny in record time.

Well, not quite.

In fact, what researchers discovered was that a high-protein breakfast does more than just make you feel full throughout the day, and less likely to graze, it actually impacts your body chemistry.

Basically (very basically compared to the research) a high-protein breakfast adjust your body’s chemistry in such a way that it assumes that it is full, rather than still requiring sustenance through survival mechanisms. This, in turn, impacts your brain chemistry and the end result is that you don’t feel the need to find food.

This is a throwback to hunting and gathering days when we used to have to look for food long before our body ran out of protein. If we didn’t, we would end up lacking the strength to hunt down an animal that would provide our next protein hit, and we would die. A big dose of protein tells our neanderthal brain is that we don’t need food at the moment and should concentrate on cave maintenance, drying animal skins for clothing and…whatever else we used to do when we were hairier.

But don’t heat up that steak yet. You see, if you start this process it is difficult to go back. Your brain and body will become more sensitive to the adjusted chemical behaviour and as a result, if you skip breakfast or don’t have time to consume half a chicken, you will end up weakened and at the mercy of a sabretooth tiger.

But the science appears real – eat a steak for breakfast and you won’t eat as much other stuff and you’ll lose weight and be sexy. Science.

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