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How to Build Bigger Biceps

If you asked women what is one of the first things they notice about a man, arms would be in the top three. Toned arms get attention not just from the opposite sex, but from everyone. I taught elementary school for ten years and kids of all ages would always make comments about my arms. Then they would usually follow it up with, “But my dad is stronger than you.” Of course, I am not one to sugarcoat anything, and I would promptly tell the kid that I have seen their dad and their arms are not half the size of mine.

There are always articles proclaiming they have secret tips on how to increase bicep size quickly. They can add inches to your biceps with this amazing advice. The truth of the matter is that it takes hard work to increase bicep size. Some of it is definitely genetics, also, but training smartly is the way to go.

Change Your Diet

If you would like to gain lean muscle mass the first step is to increase your protein intake. Protein combined with exercise will create muscle. You can be working out like crazy, but if you don’t increase your calories and protein, it won’t pay off as much as it could.

Examine Your Current Training Routine

I train biceps and triceps during the same workout. Many people do this. However, one thing that I do differently than most is that I always go with light weight on triceps where each set is 15 to 20 reps. I figure that I workout my triceps during my chest workout on bench and also my shoulder workout with overhead presses. I go heavy on these already, so during my biceps and triceps day, I just want to wear out my biceps as much as possible.

Whatever my bicep exercise is I try to get between eight and ten reps for three to four sets. So say I might start off with hammer curls with dumbbells for three to four sets, and then I go do dips immediately after for three sets of 20 for my triceps. Next, I want to hit my biceps at a different angle and load up the curl bar and do three to four sets of this. Then after those, I would do some light skull crushers for tris.

Each bicep exercise is carefully chosen so it is working a different part of the muscle. I want to hit it from all angles. I usually do four different exercises for biceps and four different for triceps. I’m in and out of the gym in about an hour.

Everyone has a different routine, but I have achieved large arms with mine. Sometimes I will change it up and only do four or five really heavy reps in each set for biceps. These little bits of training information were imparted to me by the elders in my gym as I grew up. All of these men had huge arms well into their 60s even. Just remember that to gain muscle mass you have to eat more protein as well. Get the most bang for your buck!




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