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Making Time for Your Health

The busier we get the more our health seems to suffer. We quickly hit the drive through to save some time, drink more caffeinated beverages to keep us moving and crash onto the couch in the evenings just to catch some relief from the go, go, go. When all you’re trying to do is everything, it can seem impossible to make time for yourself and your health. However, taking these simple steps to incorporating healthful habits into your day will have you feeling more energetic, healthy, and ready to tackle the tough days.

Snack Smarter

An easy way to save time, money and extra calories is to pack healthful snacks on your busy days. Choosing snacks that give you long lasting energy and are satisfying are best. Try packing fruit, nut, and cheese packs to satisfy cravings and provide protein. Baby veggies and hummus make a great nutritional substitute for vending machine chips or crackers. If pre-planning your snacks is definitely not going to happen, purchase some smartly packaged foods like yoghurt cups, limited ingredient granola and protein bars, or already prepared versions of the snacks mentioned above.

Fitting in Fitness

Making time for a workout can seem laughable if you’re busy with work, kids, school, etc. However, some quick-fix calorie busters worked into your everyday routine can keep you in better shape on the days you can’t find time for exercise. Try parking farther away and taking the stairs for some added cardio. Squeeze a few squats or pushups into your lunch break. When your day is done and you’re finally getting a chance to relax, instead of melting into the couch, get some light stretching in while you unwind watching some TV. These simple exercises can seamlessly accompany your busy day and keep you on track for maintaining your fitness.

Catch an Extra Wink

Sleep is so vital to your health. Quality sleep is what repairs and restores your body and brain allowing you to function during your waking hours. Far too many of us feel too busy to sleep properly and wind up making ourselves less useful during the day for it. A simple fix to getting yourself back on track to getting enough sleep is to go to bed 10 minutes earlier than your norm for at least a week. Then try another 10 minutes earlier the following week until you start feeling the impact the extra sleep has on your body and mind. Be sure to turn off electronics for several minutes leading up to bed to help your mind wind down.


Never forget to at least occasionally treat yourself to something that relaxes you and reduces stress and anxiety. Schedule yourself for a massage, pedicure, or lunch date with a friend and don’t cancel because you’re too busy! Make a little time for yourself to relax and you’ll be more prepared to face the hectic times ahead.

Remember that you only get one shot at living. Keeping your body and mind healthy and happy is the best way to ensure that you truly enjoy this life. Take these simple steps toward a healthy, albeit busy, lifestyle to make yourself feel better and love

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Carlee Holden is a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor based in Edmond, Oklahoma. She spends her days balancing life with her husband, two beautiful daughters under the age of two, two German Shepherds, client training, fitness classes to teach, writing about fitness and wellness, and of course attempting to stay fit and well herself! Carlee’s passion is helping people of every fitness level understand the best ways to improve their fitness and quality of life.

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