The 5 Best Alcohols to Drink this Christmas

It’s that time of year again – break open the bottles of wine and put the gym membership on hold until the 27th of December –  because Boxing Day is hangover day.

At Healthyish we are all about balance, so don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater during the festive season – at least give yourself a fighting chance at the gym on the 27th. Here are the best five alcohols to drink this Christmas.

5. Water

No, we’re not being funny and we certainly aren’t encouraging you not to drink. But give your metabolism a break by ordering a glass of water with every drink. This will not only help your body to process the alcohol and reduce your hangover tomorrow but will also slow your drinking by forcing you to take the time to drink your glass of water before heading back to the bar.

4. Rosé

If you are a wine drinker, then stay away from the full-bodied reds. That glass of Merlot is high in calories and, due to the nature of the fermentation process, is packed with bits and pieces that your body finds hard to process. A lighter wine, such as a rose (not a buttery white) is a good trade-off and will give your insides a chance to process that massive Christmas lunch.

3. Champagne

Yes, champagne has fewer calories and is far more delicious than normal wine. It’s not perfect of course but, hey, it’s Christmas.

2. Gin

If you are having a cocktail, then try and keep the base to clear alcohols and avoid fruity drinks. Not only are they packed with sugar, but they look ridiculous. Gin is a perfect base for most cocktails and is also free of artificial flavours and calories – as long as you stay away from, “apple gin” and other flavoured monstrosities.

1. Vodka

Vodka, with just 97 cal per nip and no sugars or…well, pretty much anything… is an ideal drink (in moderation) for Christmas Day. Look like James Bond with a martini, and the olive is likely to have more calories than the drink itself.

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