3 Yoga Poses for Easing Back Pain

Back pain – especially lower back pain – can impact every area of your life, forcing you to skip activities you love and stopping you from being as productive as you could be.

Interestingly, instances of back pain have increased significantly over the last decade, and many doctors attribute this to smartphones. Because we are now hunched over our screens, whether we are walking along the road or sitting at our desks, a tremendous amount of stress is placed on the neck and back. Fortunately, you can retrain yourself to hold the phone up at eye level when using it, and some basic yoga poses could reduce the amount of pain you are experiencing.

 Please, if you are experiencing chronic pain or have any concerns then visit your doctor.



If you’ve never done this pose before, it will automatically cause you to make the old person noise (“ahhhhhh.”)

Lay face down and place your palms beneath your shoulders. Slowly push through the hands while keeping the neck in a neutral position and your eyes forward. Keep pushing until your abdomen is completely off the ground. Make the old person noise.

Child Pose



Kneel on the ground and reach forward with your hands, bending over until your forehead touches the floor. Extend your shoulders away from each other and relax into the pose, feel the lengthening in your back.

Cow Face Pose


In a seated position and maintaining a neutral spine, reach one arm to the sky and bend the elbow so it falls over your shoulder. Take the other arm and reach behind your lower back to join them together and pull for a gentle stretch across your chest and back.

If you can’t reach your hands together then take a piece of cloth and hold it in each of your hands, pulling gently.

Taking a few minutes a day to do one or all of these poses could alleviate some of the pain you are experiencing. They can be done while watching TV or as part of your regular exercise routine.


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