Exercises for People Who Hate Exercising

It’s hard to believe that human beings survived for thousands of years without gyms, exercise programs or eating plans.

The Romans, the great Chinese dynasties and even our prehistoric forefathers managed to somehow muddle through without knowing the minimum amount of exercise they needed to do each day and without being aware of the optimal amounts of carbohydrates and proteins to consume. In fact, in referring to my high school history textbooks, I see that during the reign of the Egyptian Pharaohs, no personal trainers were available.


Yet we now judge ourselves on the amount of time spent exercising, how good our diet is and whether our stomachs resemble the action figures are used to play with when I was seven (He-Man was my favourite.)

So if like me, you don’t want to allocate a certain amount of time to exercise each week in order to feel good about yourself, then I present some exercises you can do that won’t feel like exercising.

Roughhousing with Kids (preferably your own)

My daughter is five years old and, like all growing humans, loves to try and kill her father. After 30 minutes of being beaten up by a five-year-old and pretending that I’m not getting hurt, my heart rate has been raised significantly and I’ve used muscles that gym equipment simply can’t stimulate.

Also, my heart rate gets up to a healthy 160.

Walking to and from Places

Don’t be that person who, “goes for a walk,” for no other reason than to walk. Inspire yourself by having a coffee shop or wine bar (one glass of red wine per day) at the end of your wander. Also, people that walk look like this –

Lady walking with a dog




No lycra, and presumably there is a lovely café just beyond those trees.


Yes, standing is a form of exercise – we just don’t regard it as such because it doesn’t involve preparing to do something or even doing anything. I tried to find some actual statistical measurement that would explain the difference between standing and sitting, but there is nothing scientific. What I can say is that I measured my average steps per day, and then stood up at every opportunity and measured them again –  just mindless stepping around while standing added another 10,000 steps.

Going to Different Places

 If you, like most of us, take the same route to work each day and get your coffee from the same place and buy the same thing for lunch from the same place…then switch it up. Not only is this good for you mentally in that you have to be more psychologically engaged in your day which is a proven way to get smarter, but it forces you to travel further, stand more and removes your ability to take known shortcuts. Explore – it’s how you get to know your home better.

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