A Simple Tip to Improve Every Workout

There are things we do every workout: bring a water bottle, bring headphones, cue the good music. But there is something else missing. Something you can be doing to make your workouts better every week. This would only take about 3 minutes every workout and it makes you stick to what you plan on doing and further improve future workouts.

What you should be doing is recording each workout. If you run, record the time and speed. If you lift, record the weight and reps. Whatever it is that you do—the intensity, amount, time. Every variable of the exercise should be recorded.

You Adhere to Workouts More

One reason is that if you are writing down what you’re doing, you’re much less likely to get lazy and skip reps, run 25 minutes instead of the 30 minutes you promised, or cut any other corners. You are writing what you’re doing down, and weird enough, you don’t want to lie to the paper. You want to be able to record that nice round number you promised you would do.

A Reference Guide for Exercises

Ever walk into the gym and have no idea what to do? Well, if you are writing down each workout, you have a notebook full of your exercises. You can just flip through to see what you did to get ideas, much like a grandma flipping through her recipe cards. You can even dedicate the first page of your notebook to be a list of all your exercises. I personally have done this and it saves me time when I’m at a loss for what to do for a workout.

Measure Your Progress

This aspect may be the most important of them all. If you know what you’ve done in the past, you know exactly which way is forward. You can refer to the last time you did back squats and maybe add five pounds to the previous amount. This makes sure you aren’t jumping all over the place when it comes to weights or reps of any sort.

The phrase ‘what gets measured gets managed’ rings very true here. If you want to make sure your trajectory is forward, you should be recording every workout.

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