woman on the couch when should be running

You might have noticed the joggers at the park and thought, “Wow, they make that look so easy,” and wondered if picking up a running regimen is the right choice for you. However, if you’re completely new to running it wouldn’t be advisable to lace up your sneakers and headRead More →

boxing training in the morning

Why switching it up will get you better results Muscle Memory Ever heard of “muscle memory”? Typically used to describe the need for the repeated practice of a simple task like shooting free throws, muscle memory often comes with a positive connotation. However, when it comes to your workout, muscleRead More →

exercising in the office

Sitting at a desk all day is hard on your body. Muscles get stiff and weak the longer you are sedentary. Not to mention the mental numbness that comes with hours on end staring at the computer. If you’re ready for a boost in energy, mental stimulation, and some greatRead More →