a coffee scrub

Coffee, like wine, is one of life’s pleasures. However, thanks to the new rules of life that tell us ‘balance is key,’ without offering any specifics, I am forced to look at my own, somewhat liberal coffee drinking habits with a critical eye. Thanks for nothing, world. For some reason,Read More →

Man looking over an overpass thinking

For a Westerner, Zen is an incredibly confusing and often contradictory subject. I mean, how are we supposed to master something while making an effort not to master it? Also, because I am making an effort isn’t that counterintuitive to the process itself? Mindfulness is an extremely watered-down version ofRead More →

steak on the grill looking yummy

I love science, especially when it lets me eat steak for breakfast. That’s right, thanks to researchers at the University of Missouri, we can all bask in the knowledge that eating a high-protein breakfast will scientifically make you super-skinny in record time. Well, not quite. In fact, what researchers discoveredRead More →